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West Overton Village & Museum

West Overton Village & Museum

On the National Register of Historic Places and a stop on the American Whiskey Trail, this pre-Civil War village consists of over 20 historic structures, including the 1838 Overholt Mansion,  the birthplace of Henry Clay Frick, and the 1859 West Overton Distillery, home of Old Farm Pure Rye Whiskey. 


Between 1803 and 1880, West Overton evolved from an isolated farming enclave into a thriving rural industrial village largely through the business acumen of Abraham Overholt who oversaw village enterprises of farming, livestock husbandry, weaving, coopering, coking coal, and the distilling of storied "Old Overholt" and "Monongahela" rye whiskies.  

West Overton Village exists today as an intact collection of over a dozen structures dating to the early to mid-1800s including the 1838 Overholt Homestead and several original outbuildings including the tiny Spring House which was the birthplace of industrialist, Henry Clay Frick.  Most imposing, however, is the five and a half-story West Overton Distillery dating to 1859.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985, the village contains all the elements needed to tell the story of major economic and cultural transitions in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Located south of Pittsburgh in the Laurel Highlands, Westmorland County

109 W. Overton Road, Scottdale, PA 15683

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