To contact a specific Destination: Greater Pittsburgh member, please visit their business listing. A full list of members can be found here.

To reach the general DGP mailbox contact DestinationGreaterPittsburgh@Gmail.com or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible


Current Board Members:

President: Pam Cain - PCain@trustarts.org

Vice President: Skip Phillips - skip.phillips@riwilkins.com

Secretary: Stacey Magda- smagda@laurelhighlands.org

Marketing: Tracie Liberatore - tracielib@comcast.net

Treasurer: Alanna Fernandez  - alanna.fernandez@concordhotels.com

Membership: Katie Conaway -kathleen.conaway@visitpittsburgh.com

Administrator: Kris Piscatelli Members@DestinationGreaterPittsburgh.com​