Eat'n Park

Eat'n Park

Eat'n Park has been The Place for Smiles for countless motorcoach passengers traveling the highways of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Through the "Miles of Smiles" Tour Program, Eat'n Park offers passengers, drivers and tour escorts more than ever.


It's your ticket to: A menu with over 150 items. Affordable prices - Breakfast ($4-$6), Lunch ($5-$7), and Dinner ($8-$10) Breakfast Buffet & Soup and Salad Bar Convenient locations - Easy access from major highways. Adequate parking for motorcoaches in our well-lit lots. Accommodations for large groups. Comfortable seating in main dining area with a maximum table size of 4-8 people. Quick turnaround - A one-hour turnaround time is ideal. Reservations accepted. Sufficient wait staff. Single billing or pre-pay option.

And there's even more to smile about:
Every motorcoach guest receives a complimentary Smiley cookie. In addition, motorcoach drivers and tour escorts eat free. Drivers can call ahead and we'll make sure there's no delay in getting everyone served quickly, so everyone can get back on the road in good time.


Located in and around Pittsburgh, Allegheny and surrounding Counties


Janine Johnson
285 East Waterfront Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15120
412-461-2000, x1214